Upcoming Youth Events on Guam

  • Island-wide Annual Easter Egg Hunt – Wednesday, April 4 – Activities start 10:30am @ the War in the Pacific National Park in Asan.

  • CP/Ordot 3rd Annual Village Easter Egg Hunt – Thursday, April 5 – Easter egg hunt starts 3:00pm @ Jose Atoigue Memorial Park in Chalan Pago.  Sponsored by the Chalan Pago/Ordot Mayor’s office and Municipal Planning Council.  Contact the Mayor’s office for more information at 472-8302

  • Barrigada 2012 Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt – Saturday, April 7 – Easter egg hunt commences 10:00am @ the Barrigada Community Center’s Children’s Park.  For more information contact the Barrigada Mayor’s office at 734-3859/3737

  • Hagåtña Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt – Saturday, April 7 – Hagåtña mayor’s office annual Easter egg hunt for Children ages 1-10 will be held 3:00pm @ Lencho Park, behind the Mayor’s office.  For more information contact the Hagåtña Mayor’s office at 477-8045 or 472-6379

  • Mangilao Community Easter Egg Hunt – Saturday, April 7 – Easter egg hunt starts 10:00am @ Mangilao children’s park on Route 10.  For more information contact the Mangilao Mayor’s office at 734-2163/5734

  • Talofofo Community Easter Egg HuntSaturday, April 7 – Easter egg hunt for kids starts 11:00am @ the basketball court near the koban.  For more information contact the Talofofo Mayor’s office at 789-1421/3262.

  • T-T-H Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt – Saturday, April 7 –Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon Mayor’s office Community Easter egg hunt starts 4:30pm @ the mayor’s office community park.  Contact the mayor’s office at 646-5211 or 647-9816

  • Inarajan 5th Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt – Sunday, April 8 – Inarajan Municipal Planning Council Commnity Easter egg hunt for infants and children up to 10 years old will be held 10:00am at the field across the Inarajan Mayor’s office in Malojloj.  For more information contact the Inarajan Mayor’s office at 475-2509/11

  • Umatac Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt –Umatac Mayor’s office community Easter egg hunt starts 1:00pm @ the Umatac Mayor’s office.  For more information contact the Umatac Mayor’s office at 828-2940/8258


  • 2012 Youth Chess-Fest – Saturday, April 14 – Sponsored by Guam Echecs (Island Chess Club) starts 10:00am @ Micronesia Mall in Dededo.  The club will hold a chess clinic then present chess puzzles and promote friendly games amongst all participants.  A side tournament for ages 18 and above also will be played simultaneously starting at 10:00am.  For more information contact club president Leon Ryan at 788-1631


  • Guam Junior Golf League – ongoing registration 4:00pm to 5:30pm @ Admiral Nimitz Golf Course in Barrigada  Current season ends May 26.  There are match play games for levels four and five every Friday afternoon at Starts Golf Resort in Dededo.  Info Kaoru Camacho at 688-2878 or Head Coach Mel Davis at 482-1611

 Guam National Youth Football Federation


Kalama Brickwood
GPO Cowboys SSFM Hal's Angels
Hawaiian Rock Eagles ASC Falcons
Guam Giants GTA Teleguam Raiders
PacSports Yigo Jets Guam Saints

Click on logo to visit website or go to www.gnyff.com for more information.


Guam Boy & Girl Scouts


Scouting is Knowledge!

There's more to the Guam Boy & Girl Scouts than meets the eye.  Scouting is something we do with our children; helping us teach them about family, heritage in their community, and pride in themselves.  With that knowledge, anything is possible.  Scouting - it's worth the effort!

Boy Scout Contact Information:

Tel.  649-0639

Email  guamboyscouts@gmail.com


Office Hours:

Tuesday - Saturday

9am - 1pm

Marine Corps Drive, Tamuning


Girl Scout Contact Information

 Email: info@guamgirlscouts.org or call 646-5652.




Island Girl Power


Island Girl Power has established a clubhouse that includes a kitchen, general activity area, computer room, and reading room, plus a large outdoor space with sports equipment. Every Saturday, we offer three to four classes for girls ages 7 through 14, with older girls (up to 17) acting as mentors. The classes usually include a cooking class ($5 fee required for ingredients), an arts and crafts class, a teen health class, a radio DJ class, and sometimes peer counseling. We also offer a self-defense class held twice a week after school. Soon, we hope to offer a book group as well.

** Jump Rope classes from 5 to 6:30pm each Tuesday.  learn single, long rope, partner skills and double Dutch.  Age 7 to adult are welcome.**

**Capoeira Mandinga: 6 to 8 pm each Monday at the Dededo Center; each Wednesday at the Tamuning Center; 4:30 - 6pm each Wednesday at Benavente Middle School; 3:30pm - 5pm each Saturday at the IGP Youth Center.  Age 7 to adults  are welcome**


Ladies Archery Club - Sessions for age 7 to adult 10:00am to noon every third Saturday of the month at Island Girl Power Youth Center, Y-Sengsong Road, Dededo.  Info 637-3011 or 688-4752.


Contact Information

148 Catalina Court

Dededo Guam 96929

Youth Center - 671-637-3011

Director - 671-688-4752

Fax - 671-473-3004



 Guam Youth Basketball Clubs


Agafa Gumas Bulldogs Youth Basketball Club  - Youths ages 7-14.  Info: Conrad at 637-2324


Agat Lakers - practice will be Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5:30pm to 6:30pm for ages 8, 10, and 12 yrs.  Info: Darrell Dela Paz 727-6707


Barrigada Basketball Club - Interested youth players ages 6-18.  Info Chris at 734-3737/3859 or Jon Lujan at 688-0392


Central Mavericks Basketball Club - Info Sid Guzman at 688-0411 or Frank Cruz at 687-3734


Dededo Heat Basketball – Interested youth players info Jean Cepeda at 482-9779


Isa Islanders – Interested youth players info Joe Cepeda at 688-9779


Guam Island Dragons Basketball -  Basketball team is seeking new and interested players ages 5-11, 12-14, and 15-18.  Info: Victor Sablan at 647-6416 or Leonard Aguon at 687-3881


Suns Basketball Club – registration and practice on Wednesdays at the Guam sports complex gym, Harmon. Info: Andre Hattori at 483-4477; JT at 687-6625 or Joey Gogue at 475-3100


Tamuning Typhoons Basketball- Seeking interested youths ages 7-18.  Contact the Tamuning mayor's office.


Yellow Jackets Basketball Club - Info Pascual V. Artero at 735-5030/31/32 or E-mail pasartero@yahoo.com


Yigo Basketball Club – Interested youths contact Coach Joey at 687-1314


JW Tumbles, Tumon - 647-5437 - Children's training gym.

BodyArts School of Dance - 632-6622 - Children's dance school for Ballet, Jazz, tap, and tumbling







Do You Have You Have an Activity or Event that you would like the People of Guam to know?  E-mail us the information:  events@entguam.com


Youth Activities on Guam

Guahan JGA Membership – Guahan Junior Golf Association welcomes all junior golfers age 6-18 to sign up as they will be representing Guahan JGA on all off island tournaments, both national and international this includes the yearly Callaway Junior World Tournament.  Guahan JGA will be conducting its monthly tournaments to establish a ranking system for our Guahan JGA National Team.  Must be a Guahan JGA member to participate on the monthly tournaments. For more information please contact Guahan JGA Secetary Mrs. Roxy Salas at 689-7691 or email to roxysalas7@gmail.com


El Nino Wind Orchestra – Join the Guam Territorial Band’s youth ensemble recently returned from Sydney where they placed Silver at the 20th Australian International Music Festival this past July.  The Youth Ensemble meets every Saturday morning at 10:00am at GW High School.  Membership is open to all middle and high school students and college students up to age 21.  For More Information, please visit http://www.gtb-guam.org or call 969-6290.


The Pride of the Pacific Marching Band – Is the GTB’s youth marching unit.  Rehearsals are every Saturday at 5:30am to 8:00am also at GW High School.  Membership is open to musicians of all ages and skill levels.  The Marching Band has been invited to the Chino Marching Invitational scheduled for November 2011.  This parade is a qualifier for the prestigious “Tournament of Roses” Parade.  We want you to join our team as we quest for the “Rose Parade.”  For More Information, please visit http://www.gtb-guam.org or call 969-6290.


The Guam Territorial Band - Meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm at GW High School.  Membership is by audition and is open to all ages.  The Band is currently planning a European Tour slated for the summer of 2011.  For More Information, please visit http://www.gtb-guam.org or call 969-6290.


Pa’a Americops Community Linala y Kutturan Chamorro Program - Tuesday & Thursdays - Pa’a Americops Community is coordinating a Chamorro cultural community program with instructions in dance, chant and weaving in the village of AGANA HEIGHTS from 4:30-5:30PM.  For more information pick up an application at the Mayor’s Office or contact Nicole Calvo at 475-4721/2 from 10am–3pm.







 Guam Youth Marine Sports Clubs


Guam Outrigger Canoe Clubs


Team Ma'gas Outrigger Canoe Club - 4:30pm-6:00pm Tues/Wed & 10:00am-12:00pm Sat.  Info: melina.mantanona@gmail.com or amedlg@yahoo.com


Animun Tasi Marianas Paddlesport Racing Association is seeking anyone interested in paddling.  Info: Joe Nowell at 688-8274

Guam Swim Clubs


Manhoben Swim Club - Beginners & returnees registration is on-going, Info Maria Petros @ 734-4398 or Mercedes Bonsembliante @ 483-7056


Tarakito Swim Club - New sessions begin monthly for age 5 and up.  Multiple levels and classes available.  Info: 483-3637 or their website www.tkoguam.com 




Guam Youth Soccer Clubs




Crushers Football (Soccer) Club - practice for ages 4-16 @ Tiyan Field.  Welcome youths ages 4-16 Info Carla at 777-7227



ISA (Isla Sports Association)  Islanders - Info Joe Cepeda at 988-7479 or Jean Cepeda at 482-9779 or e-mail isa.islanders@yahoo.com.




Dededo Soccer Club – Info: Pascual Artero at 735-5030/31/32 or complex office at 633-2520/21




Sidekicks Soccer Club - Info Gian Tenorio at 477-8296 or 482-8296, email; sidekicksc@hotmail.com


Southern Cobras Soccer Club - Info Frank Angoco e-mail fangoco_77@yahoo.com or Therese Diaz @ 688-1907






Tigers Soccer Club - Info: Ken Lape at 777-7771 or Claire at 687-9976.


Tumon Typhoons Soccer Club - Info: Pete at 482-9109 or Becky Aguon at 488-5300 email; baguon@teleguam.net


Wings Soccer Club - Info: Coach Yamamoto at 777-6600 or visit our site www.guamwings.com



Youth Sports Clubs Directory

Guam Junior Golf League


Tarakito Swim Club


Manhoben Swim Club

Maria Petros

Manukai Athletic Club


Team Hatsa Volleyball


Haggan Volleyball Association


Tumon typhoons Soccer Club


Wings Soccer Club