Dining Guide to Guam




Manhattan Steak House

Guam Marriot Resort & Spa, Tumon 


Lone Star Steakhouse,  South Marine Drive, Tamuning - 646-6061


Chili's Grill & Bar, GPO & Micronesia Mall - 648-7377


Jeff's Pirates Cove, Rte 4, Chamorro Hwy, Ipan, Talofofo - 789-1582 or 789 - TO GO (8646)


Planet Hollywood, 1296 Pale San Vitores Rd, Tumon - l 647-7827


Hard Rock Cafe, Pale San Vitores Rd, Tumon - 649-9043


T.G.I.Friday's, 1310 Pale San Vitores Rd, Tumon - 647-8443


Tony Roma's

Royal Orchid Hotel, Tumon - 646-0017

Agana Shopping Center, Hagatna - 477-4071


Denny's Restaurant

Tamuning - 646-1475/1574

Micronesia Mall, Dededo - 637-1531-35

Assorted American dishes Open 24/7






Pacific Place, Tumon - 646-2114 
Time Square, Royal Orchid Hotel, Tumon - 646-9653

Agana Shopping Center,  Hagatna - 472-1009

Pietro, Alcanta Mall, Tumon - 646-4929

Vitales Restaurant, Tumon - Across DFS Galleria - 646-7692 


Guam Premier Outlets (GPO), Tamuning
Micronesia Mall, 649-7776 

Allegro Italian Cafe, San Antonio Road, Tamuning




Mabuhay Restaurant -649-2949




The Curry Kebab, Hafa Adai Plaza, Tamuning - 649-4151 




Marianas Trench, Tamuning - 649-4049

Ban Thai Restaurant, Tumon - 649-2437

Siam Cuisine , Anigua - 472-9775 

Somjai Restaurant II Cinema Arcade, Tamuning - 649-8424

Thai Kitchen CenTam Building, Tamuning - 646-6122







Island Food


Sea Grill Resturant

San Vitores Road, Tumon - For Reservations Call 649-6637


Proa Restaurant

429 Pale San Vitores Rd, Tumon - 646-7762 (PROA)




Chamorro Village


Shrimp Shack

Chamorro Village, Hagatna Call 477-0611



Fast Food



Century Snack Bar

Century Plaza, Tamuning - 646-9081

Bring the family to enjoy some good food & good fun.  Local hang-out to take the family for a quick bite and then some fun or some fun then a quick bite to get back to the fun.


McKraut's Fast Food, Rte 4 Molojloj-Inarajan - 828-4248

A great rest stop to eat when touring the island...great taste of Germany in the Southern part of the island.


McDonald's of Guam

Hagatna - 477-9133

Harmon (Open 24/7) 646--8475

Maite Moble - (Open 24/7) 653-8555

Naval Activities - 564-2480

NCTAMS (Finegayan) 632-1006

Tumon Japan Plaza - 646-9694

Tamuning (Open 24/7) - 646-4052

Yigo Mobil (Open 24/7) - 653-8555


KFC/Kentucky Fried Chicken

Anigua - 472-8155

Dededo - 637-4532

Guam Premier Outlet (GPO) - 649-3532

Mangilao - 734-5325

Micronesia Mall - 633-4565

Tamuning - 646-6185







Onward Beach Resort


Enjoy savory teppan and set menu entrees in this comfortable, spacious Japanese eatery with a sweeping view of Agana Bay.  The Chef's special Bento Box creations vary daily and are always full of tasty surprises, as are the special ramen noodle creations.  A house favorite is the Panko Fried Chicken dipped in a mouth watering sauce.  Shabu-Shabu and Sukiyaki are well-prepared traditional hotpot dishes.  Sagano's cozy ambiance and excellent food make an ideal romantic getaway.





Wagaya 88, Tumon -647-8880

SEJONG Korean Restaurant, Upper Tumon - Behind Boy Scout of Guam -647-5556 

Oriental Restaurant,  Orlean Pacific Plaza - Tamuning

Korea Palace Restaurant,
Julale Center/Micronesia Mall Food Court

ING Restaurant, Upper Tumon

Kae Mee Restaurant,
Harmon Industrial Park

Seoul Restaurant, Tumon - 649-0996 

Korean BBQ House, Tumon

Korean Palace,
Julale CenterCourt

Jeon Joo Restaurant,
Hafa Adai Plaza, Tamuning

Jin-Mi Restaurant,
Route 16 - Harmon - 637-4398

Royal Restaurant, Dededo

Red Chicken Restaurant, Upper Tumon/Tamuning 

Heiden Fried Chicken, Harmon Industrial Park, Mangilao and Yigo